Jul. 10th, 2013

Two weeks ago I thought I owned a woolen medieval dress that needed a little altering.

One week ago I discovered I actually owned a combination buffet/living space for a large number of tiny golden moths. A little research changed my perceptions of other things rather rapidly. Suddenly all my clothes (and stocks of cloth) made of wool, felt, cotton, silk, fur, etc etc were no longer assets - they were liabilities and potential re-infection vectors.

Obviously, since this includes all of my historical kit and a lot of my nicer modern clothes, this is a serious problem.

Today the poison arrived. Since that I've spent a lot of time wearing a gas mask (that I bought as a roleplaying prop) and spraying obscene amounts of sweet-smelling death liquid around. I've moth-proofed one room and a lot of liabilities, I think. We have five bedrooms, five common rooms, two landings and a hall, so there's more to do.
I've also left the smell of poison running through most of the house, worried one of my housemates, and got quite a lot of death-liquid on my skin. This last would be less worrying if it didn't say "avoid contact with skin" on it in several places, but it was too hot to wear waterproofs all over.

Now I've showered the stench off me and am sat feeling tired, trying to write a parody of a stupid thing someone wrote on the internet. It's hard because of Poe's law.

On the bright side, at least I know my gasmask works. Good thing I got the one with the filter.



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