Sep. 25th, 2012 02:47 am
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So it's been a while since I've recommended any comics, and I can't remember writing about the big one. The important one. The one I'm more keen on than any of the apparently more famous ones. I feel silly saying that, because you might already know it and then I'll look like a fool recommending something everyone else got into years ago, but I look like a fool often enough for that not to be very important. It started 13/04/2009 (though being US, they have the month and day the wrong way around) and hasn't finished yet.

It's hardly fair to describe as a "comic" at this point. It's become too big for that word. Stylistically it starts with bad drawings and very silly jokes about a kid in a world with very artificial game-like limits. But it moves on, and by the current stage has animations and games built in, with appropriate thematic music and all progressing the story. There's an associated music site with more than a dozen albums on it. Yet it was born as a comic, and if you don't like the humour of geeky comics it probably won't change your mind. So perhaps it redefines comic? That sounds pretentious, but I think it's accurate.

The story started as four thirteen year old kids doing some incredibly silly things, and gradually morphed into an epic adventure in alien lands, then to four (or five, it's not obvious yet) such epic adventures stacked together in an overarching plot line that creates and ends whole universes. As it changes the storytelling style changes with the plot. The silly jokes give way in serious segments. The music gets less chiptune and more grandiose, but somehow still seems to be of a theme. The end of act six culminated in an animation that was superior in storytelling ability to many commercial products I've seen, despite not using any words.

Unlike other comics, I can't tell you how many times I've read it. It's too big and it updates too fast to say that meaningfully. I have read from start to end twice, and from about a third of the way through to the end once, but the first "end point" was only about halfway through the current span. I intend to go back when it's complete, and see if all my outstanding questions are finally answered.

There are many things that are better drawn. There are quite a few that provide more consistent weekly laughs. There are even some that make me cry more often. But there is nothing else I know of like it, and lacking specific requirements, nothing I would recommend more.

It is called Homestuck, and it starts here.



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